The Federal Government Does NOTHING Well

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There is no function, service, product, information, or anything else – NOTHING – that the US Federal government performs or provides, that cannot be performed or provided better and more efficiently by private enterprise.

There are a few things that must be performed by a national government, such as maintenance of a standing army for the purpose of national defense.  Private armies are not a good idea.  Tragically, the US Federal government can’t even get the military right.  Consider Admiral Rachel Levine, General Milley, General Austin, and a general staff that prizes self-promotional woke BS over an effective fighting force.  These people are a clown show, keystone cops, Punch and Judy.

When I put the proposition of the first paragraph above to any liberal, and in fact to most, people, they protest that a service or function performed by private enterprise would be more expensive because there would have to be a profit, and that there would be more fraud.  There would of course have to be a profit and there would be some fraud.  However, the profit would be a tiny fraction of the waste and fraud present in the government provision of any service or function.  The fraud would be immeasurably small compared to the fraudulent endeavors foisted upon us by the Federal government.

Consider K-12 education.  The providers pretend that it is a local government effort.  True, there are some vestiges of locality in primary and secondary education.  However, it is overwhelmingly dominated by Federal bureaucrats and teachers’ unions, neither of which give a damn about educating children, and particularly the poor, the disadvantaged and racial minorities.  There are plenty of good teachers, but they labor in a totally corrupt system.

All of the same can be said for healthcare.  Private enterprise could deliver a vastly superior product at a fraction of the price.  Look at those aspects of healthcare that are mostly self-paid by the patient, such as dentistry and aesthetic medicine – better product at lower cost.  Does anyone believe anything based on statements or recommendations of the CDC, NIH, FDA or St. Fauchi and his criminal co-conspirators?  The answer is “No – not if one has a brain and a reasonably open mind.”

What is the solution?  There isn’t one within the framework of the current political class and administrative state.  They must go.  All of them.  The government contemplated by the Constitution of the United States of America is brilliant.  But it cannot work when it is populated, at least at the upper ranks, by self-interested, arrogant, self-aggrandizing, power-hungry, dishonest, corrupt human beings.

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