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Deceit Decline Dissolution

America’s greatest enemies are itself and the passage of time. Its antagonists need only wait while the nation lurches toward economic disaster, monetary collapse, social disintegration, mind-numbing crime, and destruction of individual liberty. The elites are ideological, deceitful, power mad, and incompetent. They are indifferent to the devastating consequences of fairy tale, terminally “woke”, self-destructive policies. America is rent by an irreparable political and cultural divide. Groups of states move toward establishment of new sovereign nations. This is the near-term cautionary tale of DECEIT DECLINE DISSOLUTION.

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We Are That We Are

Is it possible to reconcile personal spiritual experience long attributed to belief in and reliance on a higher power, with realization that the laws of nature, especially modern physics, do not accommodate the existence of a god unbound by those laws? The author discusses the Christianity of his youth, a long period of agnosticism, and his spiritual awakening in connection with recovery from alcoholism. A comfortable spiritual home for nearly 40 years then fell to the inescapable realization that a supernatural god cannot exist in our universe. The author reviews the history and substance of the philosophical and scientific building blocks that lead to his understanding and embrace of naturalism. He describes Spiritual Existentialism, a philosophy based on human action defining human essence. Human experience includes phenomena we call spiritual experience that, although real, occur only in and among human beings whose amazing brains and emergent consciousness have enormous capacity for communication and empathy. Life can be every bit, even more, meaningful, fulfilling and wonderful without, as it would be with, the existence of a supernatural god.

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